The Diary Ways to win the casino

The Diary Ways to win the casino

If i told you that by keeping a diary on your casino results would improve your performance, then you would probably find it hard to believe. Well, i suggest you read on, because knowing your last bet can seriously guide your next bet in a more positive direction. In fact using past data, is one of the most powerful ways to help beat online casino.

It’s a very powerful tool that most players fail to recognise and one that must be considered, when knowing how to beat the game.

If you want to win more cash whilst gambling then you’re going to need all the tips you can get your hands on and recording results is one of the better tips around.

Memory makes money

The power of the pen in online gambling is seriously overlooked by the online players of the mass majority. I know lots of gamers, both beginner and professional who still lack the ethos and discipline required for successful gambling.

How can you expect to beat casino, if you follow in the footsteps of the losing crowd.

Improve your winning chances – write down results

A diary can help you to win more money whilst playing online because your game develops a sense of direction. You have a reference point which develops a past position that will not only shape the next bet, but also the strategy and the next game.

A diary is a way of improving the odds because probability becomes more obvious.

This works well on roulette wheels, in fact we can even use free roulette money to practice these odds exercises.

How can we use a diary to win more money from the casino

Around 73 percent of gamblers do not play without control or thinking, these players are there for the experience and the excitement. In their nature as a truth, subconciously they rarely care about the result and are driven primarily by the taking part.

These are the people who wage millions of dollars a week at the casinos and have verly little left to show at the end of it, with little knowledge of how to beat their chosen game.

Now all of this cash floating around the gaming industry can’t all go to the owners, there are some players who make more money than they lose playing casino.

They use tips and tricks to help them gain advantage and keeping a diary is one of those casino tips online that few people ever consider or even know about.

Winning players use diaries

To make more money online requires personal betting history and strategy. This is were your writing and recording skills will now help your efforts to win the casino.

Firstly create three columns on one page with the headings of each being the bets, the amount lost and also the amount won. It’s also important to make a note somewhere on the page of what game you were playing too.

There is no point using the past bets of roulette to influence your future bets on the slots machines, it just will not help you to win.

Now after each bet, refer back to the columns and pay close attention to factors like.

The ratio of winning to loss whilst gambling, if you are losing more than you are trying to win the casino then it’s time to leave the game.

How much are you betting and are those bets increasing over time, this will help to control the amount of money you are spending.

Do you need to make more money or are you within profit at this point, a diary will easily show how much money has been made over a games duration. This can then tell you stick around or to move away, to reduce bets or to increase them.

All good pieces of information required to win the casino over the long haul.

On roulette the diary can show you which colors and numbers have displayed which can help to see patterns and improve predictions. In fact recording results whilst gambling roulette can be very useful in slimming down the odds of probability.

How to beat your last bet comes with experience, you’ll learn with a diary of your past mistakes. Where as normal gamblers not recording their losses willl forget, you will not, thus improving your actions in the future.

You can set profit points in your little book that can easily manage your progression to win the casino over a given period.

For instance, setting yourself a profit of just 10 percent in one day as rule is far more achievable than having nothing laid down and just going for all you can get. You can be writing a note in the corner of each page about your profit points, time you made them and the winning bet you made that profit point with.

Summary of how recording helps win at the casinos

One of the greatest tips to win is that of having past knowledge to hand, it is something that the worlds most successful players use without thinking. Yet they all started somewhere and writing down a few results in the beginning, was all it took to get them high in their gaming fields.

Now all we are doing is building ourselves a reputation that we can see with our own eyes. You will begin to see the games at which you make more money in, you’ll be able to see the bets you are best at making.

You’ll be able to see your own mistakes, your winnings and your losses. This can be effective when playing on free fruit slots and fruit machines because you can identify reel patterns and possible software cycles.

You’ll have the power of reference by protecting yourself from certain situations you know can be dangerous, you’ll be able to manage your profits and control your spending.

You’ll have a greater chance to win the casino and a better advantage to make more money in the long run using this tactic.

A diary can do wonders for your game, so start today and lets see what just might happen.

You may suprise yourself about the amount of mistakes you make whilst playing.

Then replacing error with effort will maximise opportunities to beat casino online.

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