Reel King Megaways Slot Review From Inspired Gaming Slots

Reel King Megaways Slot Review From Inspired Gaming Slots

Reel King Megaways is an online slot featuring a classic spinning reel game, but the updated version from Inspired Gaming Slots, which was released on June 25, 2020, was created for longtime fans of the game. Below is an overview of Reel King Megaways with an analysis of the features and benefits for players.

How to play Reel King Megaways from Inspired Gaming Slots?

The developers of Inspired Gaming Slots have approached the process of creating an updated version of the classic game with all responsibility. The slot has an intuitively clear interface, so even a beginner can easily figure out all the panels and buttons. On the left side above the rotation button there is a menu with which you can:

• enable/disable sound;

• select the game mode;

• view the history of games. Using the “Game Information” button, you can view the Reel King Megaways paytable, which also displays all the icons and combinations of symbols used in the game. The dropped symbols appear on 6 reels arranged in a table, each of them can drop from 2 to 7 symbols.

During the game, you need to select at least 6 reels through the function of cascading wins. They are highlighted in yellow/gold. The reels on the indicator indicating the level of the game are highlighted in the same color. You can win at Reel King Megaways by betting. The minimum size to start the game is € 0.2 and the maximum is € 20.

Pros of Reel King Megaways slot

Despite the fact that the game is a remake of the original 2003 model, the more modern version has many bonuses for players. The video slot has three main bonus features:

• Reel King offers from 8 to 12 free spins after 1-2 slots are played;

• Super King with the ability to get from 8 to 20 free spins in 2-3 slots;

• Mega King, using which you can get from 8 to 25 free spins, but to get them you need to complete 3-6 slots. Each bonus function can be activated depending on how many cascades in a row the player managed to complete. The free spins system looks a little confusing, but in reality you just need to complete a few empty slots before you can go to the initial bonus level. Subsequent transitions are also accompanied by the necessary execution of several mandatory empty spins.</p> Among other advantages of Reel King Megaways from Inspired Gaming Slots it should be noted:

• higher RTP level, which for Reel King Megaways is 96.23%;

• the opportunity to get the bonus game Reel King Megaways after activating 6 bars on the bonus counter;

• high win ratio of 12,500: 1;

• high synchronization, due to which you can play the video slot on a stationary or mobile device;

• availability of a free demo version of the game for beginners. Thus, the updated version of the familiar reel game is playable for different players.


Reel King Megaways video slot from Inspired Gaming Slots has both pros and cons for players. Among the positive aspects, it is worth noting a simple game interface, high-quality graphics with the use of funny characters, ranked bonuses, a high ratio of winnings to the initial bet. Among the downsides is a rather confusing system for obtaining bonuses, empty spins between the transitions to the level, the difficulty in getting free spins. However, the game is gaining popularity among experienced and novice players.

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