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However, since it's now not clear whether a State can regulate Internet gambling by itself, would it be inclined to do so, it's also not clear at present if the bill will get support from States like Nevada. The longer-term question is whether the tribes can retain their monopoly on a multibillion-dollar industry as they move into urban areas of the nation's most lucrative gambling market. The statement is directed at gambling initiatives introduced in the state House and Senate that would expand or create new gambling activities as part of Gov. Rod Blagojevich's overall strategy to address the budget deficit. Lifeline, Mission Australia, Sydney University's Gambling Treatment Clinic and St Vincent de Paul are among the groups to receive funding this year. Under the House plan, the state would drop the sales tax in July 2004 if the gambling measure should be approved. If voters turned it down, the penny tax would last until July 2005. For those who have never owned anything but gaming industry stocks and casinos online, dividends are tidy little sums of money that companies give to stockholders, usually on a quarterly basis. Harrah's, for instance, said it will pay 30 cents a share each quarter.